Meet Karen


I’m Karen, and I’m an Adelaide based Authorised Marriage Celebrant. 

It was once suggested that I would make a brilliant Celebrant, and it was like the quintessential “lightbulb moment” for me. Of course! So here I am, and I’m so excited to be involved in so many beautiful, heartfelt ceremonies. 

I asked some of my friends what words they would use to describe me…they said I’m a “people’s person”, I’m vibrant, happy and fun, yet heartfelt, kind, and professional. 

My biggest joy in life is my kids – two beautiful boys and a dear little girl. They are pure sunshine on legs, and I love being their Mum. They’ve taught me to smile and laugh (the belly laugh kind), and they’ve taught me to be brave, happy and to live BIG.

I also find joy in Christmas; my village (my amazing family and friends); gin; chocolate; glitter; unicorns; rain on a tin roof; all things “leopard”, and shoes (not heels, just the comfy sneaker type ones LOL). Not neccessarily in that order!

I look forward to meeting with you!!

Karen x

P.S. I’m also a professional photographer – so I have over 10+ years of experience at weddings as a photographer, too!!

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